3M Dusted Crystal – Patient Privacy

Many Dr’s offices, clinics and medical spaces are starting to take note of the importance of HIPAA compliance when it comes to the glass in their areas. Etched glass is a costly and permanent solution. But there is an alternative.

Just wanted to post a quick project we worked on using 3M Dusted Crystal Which is a Great sustainable way to give a glass that etched look without the cost and the permanent factor. This film – among the many films we have, will last a life time if that’s the goal. But in the event of a tenant change, re branding, or simply the film may have been damaged and need to be replaced, we can remove it. An additional benefit to this film, is it can be digitally cut with any logo, lettering or design needed to complete an office, work space or storefront.

These pictures are a project we did recently at Dr. Katie Osler DDS office in Seattle. I am a big fan of the glass partitions but as mentioned before privacy is an issue. This was a perfect fit and She was happy with the finished product. I personally love the Clean, Simple elegance of this film.

We have been serving the Seattle Tacoma greater area for 36 years and pride our selves in being the best. If you have a project in mind or need some free advice on window film Call 800.404.3695 or visit abcsuncontrol.net

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