3M Dusted Crystal Privacy Film Callahan Law Seattle

Callahan Law is a widely known law office that serves the entire state of Washington. They have offices in Vancouver, Shelton, Olympia, Tacoma, And Seattle , which we recently did some work on with privacy window film.

We have talked before how window film can provide privacy and design, and that’s exactly what we did here. It is great at providing the etched glass look, but not completely permanent. To be honest I was skeptical about moving forward with this design as it is not typical; we tend to do a clear glass reveal on the edges as opposed to what you see here, a clear glass reveal 2 inches into the pane. When we get the film up, a short dry time is needed before we can cut the 1/4 inch clear glass reveal. Once we were ready and cut the reveal… I was impressed as I saw it all come together in a uniform design – Way cool to see the process. Next was the Callahan Law Graphic, which was another thing I was not sure about. As you see in the picture the big C and other text was cut negative, and in order to complete the logo we decided to overlay Frosted Crystal (a decorative film) to make the “L” (Big C and big L – Callahan Law; pretty cool design). Generally Dusted Crystal does not react well to a film overlay, it tends to wash out and appear clear. However I was unaware we had done this type of overlay before, it works great and needless to say I was impressed. The Matte / Sparkle combo was pretty top notch; it provides such a rich look and looks ten times better in person. All in all cool install and a perfect match to their business and building architecture.


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