AT&T Conference Glass Frost Film Bothell WA

We talk allot about working with General Contractors, and generally we tend to work alongside many of the same one we have worked with for years. Every so often we get calls from Contractors we have never heard of; most of the time its because they are out of state. This happened for this job…

AT&T is a nationwide company and they have some office space in Bothell and Roebbelen is a contractor that works mainly with AT&T. There was some conference rooms that had some window film that had to be replaced because of wear and tear. It was pretty cool working during the night as this was requested by AT&T. So the film; just a basic Frost from EDGE, with a 1 1/8 inch reveal on all four sides for some design and to allow some visibility. Recently we have been doing allot of corporate type commercial work, which is really an interesting side of work. Frost film is a great way eliminate fish bowl effect or provide privacy for any office or meeting room. But it still allows light to pass through so it has a very natural feel.

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