Digital UV Print Decorative Window Film Seattle Tacoma

Decorative Window Film is dominating the Window Film industry in the Seattle Tacoma area and Digital UV Printing is pushing it right along.

Within the last 3 months or so we have received a copious amount of requests for custom decorative film. Whats cool about this digital UV Print is that it truly is custom. Generally an Architect or Graphic Designer will design and provide us with a graphic file or logo, that a business may already have on their business cards, then we print it on a clear film with a special UV ink that allows it to be more durable than most printed graphics (layman’s terms – it doesn’t fade or discolor). These type of Digital Designs and graphics can have a full range of detail and color and be depicted clearly when finished. Another awesome aspect of Digital Print is it works just like a printer so you can print multiple colors on one sheet of film, unlike 3M cut vinyl graphics (which is a lot more labor intensive) where there is over lapping for different colors. the pictures above are a prime example of this. Its like a All-In-One Printer for graphics and window film.

Check out this link to see Digital UV Printing in action

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