Ernst & Young – Graphics Seattle

Ernst & Young is a International Fortune 500 Company that we had the pleasure of working on through Swinerton Builders.

This was a unique project. We were able to use our new UV Digital Printing Technology for a special graphic that turned out amazing. These windows actually are in a hallway that face exterior windows. so time to put the Special UV ink to work. This ink will not fade or deteriorate as other inks do. Additionaly we did some cut graphics on curved acrylic panels; That was a new experience. Acrylic tends to tack up rapidly and then over time it out gases causing air bubbles in window film. Luckily Vinyl is porous enough to allow the acrylic to breath so its a perfect fit for this project

If you are interested in decorative window film or have a custom design in mind give us a call 800.404.3695, Visit our site or Send all your project details to

I kinda have my own motto (as in its not an official saying of our company) its: “If you have an idea for glass, We can make it happen”. Roller shades, Energy Control, Glare Control, Heat Control, Frosted privacy glass, Decorative patterns, Logos and vinyl graphics.

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