Food Industry Requiring Glass Fragment Retention Film

So an interesting trend has started to develop in the food industry. Bakeries,… Canaries,… any warehouse that processes, cans or packages food, has been required to protect the products therefore the consumers of glass fragments.

We have increasingly started to see a vast amount of calls come in pertaining to this industry – We have done Wilcox Dairy, Gai’s Bakery and Pacific NW Bakery. They ask for a safety film that will keep the glass from shattering. If you have read our blog in the past you may have noticed we talk about this film frequently. The Film industry has given it many names due to spec changes in GSA standards or construction standards, or simply to make it simple to a home or business owner. Some names for this film include: Bomb Blast Film, Shatter Retention Film, Anti Intrusion Film, Safety Film, Security Film, Armor Coat, Clear Shield, Glass Fragment Retention Film,.. to name a few (that’s actually a lot I know I get frustrated trying to keep up myself). The standard that is required is based on Federal Standard CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) 16 CFR. Glass breakage and shattering in food manufacturing or processing facilities can pose huge risk to consumers, Security Films on these facilities is to minimize the risk associated with broken glass entering the food processing/manufacturing lines. 

So the standard now is if your company has anything to do with the production, storing, or packaging food (not including restaurants - Mostly because they really don’t have windows in the kitchen areas) you must take all steps to ensure that your product is safe. That is where we come in. Most factories/warehouses in Western Washington are built far before they have tenants to lease to. Meaning they have a standard design that includes windows. So the tenant moves in and now there is a problem. In the event of an earthquake, machinery miss-hap or the random rock or projectile that flies at the window (weirder things have happened), the glass may break, even shatter, However the film holds the glass all together. You know last night, that shard of glass you didn’t have in your burger, bread, soda,… Fill in the blank. Yeah, that’s because of us. Your welcome. I don’t want to say were awesome like super hero’s or anything like that but we kinda saved your life.

Anyway if your interested in security film for your home or office visit or call 800.404.3695

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