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Frosted Crystal - Graphics

Frosted Crystal – Graphics

Frosted Crystal - Privacy

Frosted Crystal – Privacy

UW Tacoma - Wall Graphic

UW Tacoma – Wall Graphic











Graphics can be the perfect finishing touch to any setting 

We just finished up this project for UW in Tacoma; Which turned out super cool.

This project was unique due to a few factors. Typically when we are doing graphics we ask the owner/client to provide the vector art work. What this is, is the original art work or true drawing by a designer when initial branding was done. The opposite of this is pictures you commonly see on the web – Jpeg, tiff, Gif, Etc. If these images are blown up its pixelated or gritty. This is impossible to cut with a vinyl plotter… Well not impossible, but it creates allot of issues and looks horrible. So vector files are the true line drawing of a image, logo or lettering and the best file to work with. As the stars would have it, these files were not available. Not from the Architect nor from UW. So I was left with my own imagination and eye for detail. I was able to find a vector image of the “W” which was my biggest concern, however the numbers on the 2 rooms… another story. All I had to go off of were the architectural drawings to try and identify the font. Special attention to detail was important here. The numbers had to be proportioned correctly and have similar characteristics, like serifs. Tons of fonts later I found one that was a really close match and was approved. *Sigh of relief*

Next issue to tackle; THE GREAT WALL GRAPHIC. We have installed graphics on walls before however the colors have never had to match paint colors. The original spec was for vinyl to match 2 colors, and due to the size of the graphic and the material sizes this would have to be 2 pieces (left and right – with a vertical seam down the middle) which means this would be a 4 piece install. After some thought given to this we thought it would be best to print the two colors on one surface – Now just 2 pieces. Now for the colors; We can print any color as long as we have the color codes (PMS, CMYK, RGB etc) And although those will get you really close its not always exact… This was not exact… especially the purple. I thought “… Why not print the white they want and have the purple wall serve as the interior portion of the “W” and install just the White outline.” — Light bulb!

All in all it worked out and looked great. Graphics is one of the avenues of this field that are the most frustrating yet the most rewarding. Mostly due to being an instant gratification species and society we want to see immediate results. Going from a blank wall or pane of glass to, filled with logos or artwork – Totally satisfies the need to see instant results.

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