GSA Passport Building Seattle Shatter Retention Film


Government building are among the many projects we work on using Huper Optik (CS8) Shatter Retention Security Film.

This project was a multi day job right in downtown Seattle (so traffic was a bear – there and back). Anyway as this economic situation were in we have noticed a big change in who we are doing business with; Residential – little to nothing, Commercial and Government – 95% of our what we do. More than half of that 95% are jobs that we use this Security – Shatter Retention Film. What this film does is amazing. In the event of an earthquake, near by explosion or attempt at breaking and entering, the glass will still shatter but the film will hold it all together and keep glass in place. In effect it will keep people safe from flying glass or it will buy time for police to arrive on the scene to catch the attempting thief. Pretty cool film, I’m always amazed when I see demo videos for the film.

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