Microsoft in Redmond Specialty Frost and Dry Erase Film

Microsoft has several buildings in western Washington, and as we have mentioned before they really have kept up with new architecture and integrating glass in their construction.

GLY is a contractor that does a lot of work for Microsoft and thought we would be able to help with some issues in the building office spaces. They have had some concerns about the privacy factor, also another issue - no whiteboards for brain storming, meeting notes, ETC. We thought it best to do a site review so we could discuss more concrete objectives and to see surrounding decor in order to provide a perfect solution for the tenant. First thought was 3M dusted crystal (which we have used on several jobs at Microsoft) but this would not solve the whiteboard problem, next thought ”lets use a Whiteboard film, This would solve both problems.” However they have had that installed before and were not sure it was best for this location; to opaque. So we did some research and consulting with our film manufacturer, and found out they have worked with Expo markers to make a specialized Clear Dry Erase film. This is where it gets cool. We found a perfect frost film and had it laminated to the dry erase film. Result? Dual Purpose Film providing privacy and a dry erase surface = Happy Tenant = Happy Contractor.

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