Multicare Frost for Patient Privacy and Design

MultiCare Heath Systems is a big time name in the medical field and we have worked at several locations throughout the Puget Sound. The needs are always different and we are always prepared to help.

This Project was to eliminate the view of unsightly roof views, and provide patient privacy as they passed through the hall. As you can see you could very easily get the fishbowl feeling from the windows across the roof. Llumar decorative films has many films patterns to chose from. Standard frost is among the most popular due to being cost efficient, effective and sustainable. In many cases we would frost the entire pane to provide the etched glass look, however they wanted something a little more aesthetically pleasing, something simple and elegant.  A flowing wave design is what was decided on and we got to work. As you can see there are several panes, and lining up each of the patterns on each window  to match up lines was an interesting feat but we love and welcome any challenge none the less. The best part is seeing a project come together and in the end having a finished product that fulfills the designated purpose is a great feeling.


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