Nisqually Dental Privacy Film and Custom Graphics

Nisqually Tribal Dental called us up, with some privacy needs for their patient exam rooms due to HIPPA laws. Not only did they want privacy, but a little design to coincide with the existing Pacific Northwest native American art.

This type of art is amazing, I have always loved seeing great art form in various settings. The Art was done and provided by Fred Croydon; Haida Point Art, ( 360-466-2266) who is an amazing and native American artist. I believe he captures the true original beauty of the art from with a great modern look. So this project was really fun to do for us; Just a standard frost for privacy, But when it came to the graphic we were not quite sure the best way transfer the original art to something like a window and still keep the detail and clarity. Vinyl can be a good solution… if you have a simple design. As you can see it has a lot of contours and detail not to mention two colors. So we knew this was a perfect time to use our technology to the full. Any design, lettering or multi colored logo, we can digitally print on to a clear or white specialized film. In this case clear was the best solution, again to maintain its original form.

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