Ritchie Brothers Auctioneers Fight the Heat and Glare With Window Film




Ritche Brothers is the world’s largest auctioneer of unused & used heavy equipment and trucks. They recently moved to a new location and contracted us to install Glare Reducing Window Film on the large Garage doors. Glare causes major eye strain and fatigue,  and the last thing you want is your potential customers being uncomfortable or worse your employees being uncomfortable (uncomfortable employees means nonproductive work). Glare can also make it difficult to see your computer screen. This type of film he have installed on countless businesses such as Apply-a-Line,  Mountain Mist Water, Thyssen Krupp, Amazon and Coca Cola to name a few and thousands of homes throughout the Puget Sound area. It proves effective time and time again. I’m always surprised that forget the film performance; that is until I’m standing front of a window in the sun and feeling the instant relief when I install the film.


If you are interested in Glare Control or Heat Reduction visit our site abcsuncontrol.net or call and schedule a free estimate 800.404.3695

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