Roller Shades in SoDo Seattle




SODO Builders is a full-service general contractor focused on quality, performance and innovation in construction. We have done quite bit of work with them using an interesting aspect of out business.

Roller Shades are a viable solution for window coverings/treatments in the Pacific Northwest to eliminate glare, heat or simply provide privacy. Considering our weather patterns (typical weather patterns.. Not this super extended summer we’ve had) we may not always want glare reduction at ALL times. Mechanically simple, these shades can easily be retracted to match your need at any time. The financial factors of these shades prove to be beneficial and durable to provide years of functionality. One of the most popular use is for glare, as mentioned above. Speaking from experience, having these shades on my office windows has been great. Around this time of year the sun rises at this particular angle that just beams me right in the eyes – making viewing my PC tough. But the roller shade deffinantly helps. One additonal cool aspect of thse shades; we use a local maufacturere therfore suporting our local economy and ensuring qick delevery times.

If you are interested in Roller Shades for your home or office please call 800.404.3695 or email you project details to


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