Sprint In Tacoma Benefits From Security Film

A few weeks ago we installed a premier Safety Security Film to prevent break-ins, on a Sprint Store right in Tacoma.

They have had problems before with break-ins and that of course is costly and irritating. When pared with a security system this film is a valuable investment. Not only will it buy time for police to arrive before the burglar is able to actually get in, but it also will deter the thief. More often than not, a burglar will be frustrated and a little spooked that the breaking and entering is taking so long – which in theory should be the easiest part. The film is an 8 Mil thick clear film, with an adhesive that once cured is virtually impossible to break though (By virtually impossible I mean you CAN get through if you have something ridiculous like Battering Ram, but even then the glass will stay together and the frames will be damaged.) A couple of weeks after install they had an attempted break in to no avail, Here are some pictures of the film and its effectiveness. Also you can see in one picture we are using a “Pentagon Attachment System” which is used to attach the glass  to the frames to make it all like one unit. The Film has many names such as Safety Film, Security Film, Anti Intrusion Film, Shatter Retention Film, Shatter Resistant Film and in the case an attachment system is used Bomb Blast Mitigation Film, which we use on Government Agency jobs like GSA, FBI, FAA, FDA, on Military Base and much more.


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