Taco Time Drive-Thru Sun Control

Taco Time - Sun Control Window Film

Taco Time - Sun Control Window Film

Having had some warm sunny days already, Taco Time in Puyallup has been facing a challenge in this new location. With a West facing Drive-thru window the sun just blasts in on the workers, which undoubtedly is uncomfortable.

Yesterday we installed Huper optik Fusion 10 (a dark reflective film) on the drive-thru windows. Management and employees were exited to have this done for several reasons. Aside from the obvious heat reduction, glare control, and employee comfort, this application proves to be benefficial also for the preservation for perishable product. The sun was taking its toll on the food - no one wants a taco or salad with soggy wilted veggies; melted cheese is great, just not when its been melted by the sun and not fresh. The savings this will provide are valuable: Energy savings, comfortable efficiant employees, preserved product. Everyone wins!

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