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Window Film Tax Credits Approved by Congress

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Congress has just given American homeowners a chance to keep more of their hard-earned money with tax credits for energy efficient upgrades planned for 2013, or made in 2012. Window Film is eligible for the tax credits approved by Congress and the tax incentive can cover up to 10 percent of the cost of the installation of window film to a maximum of $500, states the International Window Film Association (IWFA).
“We are delighted that Congress recently enacted a bill, titled the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012, that includes tax incentives for energy efficient home improvements, such as installing window film,” said Darrell Smith, executive director of the nonprofit IWFA. “To make people more aware of this great opportunity we are sharing this news through our Facebook and Twitter pages and we are also offering a free consumer booklet so consumers can learn more about window film,” he added.
“While the ‘greening’ of our homes is a high priority, most of the new energy-efficient technologies require significant investment to reap long-term benefits, but window film has been shown to be a most cost-effective means of improving energy performance,” said Smith.
As a long-term and cost-effective solution for saving energy, window film qualifies in the legislation as part of a building’s ‘insulation envelope’. It can reduce energy consumption from solar heat gain in summer or reflect interior heat back inside in winter, while allowing in natural light without the negative impact of UV exposure. (Yes this still applies to the pacific Northwest)
For more information on window film’s many benefits the IWFA offers a free consumer booklet.

This Booklet talks about
– Glare Control
– Fading
– Benefits
– Environmental Impact
– Types of Window Film
– Window Film Certifications

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